1204 - 89 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2V 0W4
Map and Directions

Phone: 403-253-1563

  The Community of Haysboro located in the South West Quadrant of                
  Calgary, Alberta, Canada is 30 minutes from Downtown and Calgary                
  International Airport.                            
  Community Profile   Events & Newsletter                      
  Food and Beverage   Health & Wellness       City of Calgary            
  Arby's       Alberta Health Services - Hospitals and Care Centers   Calgary Public Library          
  Buddah's Veggie Restaurant   Acupuncture & Health Centre       Calgary Transit            
  Burger Inn       Advance Dental         Community and Neighborhood Services         
  Chicago Deep Dish Pizza   Calgary Chiropractic Clinic       Parks and Recreation - Arenas, Fitness & Aquatics      
  Dairy Queen     Dance Centre         Police Services            
  Garden Of Eat'N     Image Eyewear                        
  Heritage Garden Restaurant   Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centre                      
  John Wong's Chinese Food Takeout Korean Martial Arts School       Surrounding Communities        
  Luciano's Little Italian Grill    Macleod Dental Centre       North - Kingsland            
  Mac Ewan's Meats                 North - Chinook Park            
  Mcdonald's                 West - Bayview            
  McHealth Food     Entertainment         West - Pump Hill            
  Montreal Bagel     Blockbuster Video         South - Southwood            
  My Donair                   East - Acadia            
  My Sub Inn                                
  New York Pizza Company   Churches                        
  Ranchman's     St Gerards Church                        
  Red Robin Restaurant                              
  Safeway Food & Drug                              
  Schanks Athletic Club                              
  Starbucks Coffee Co                                
  Subway Sandwiches & Salads                              
  Vineyard South Fine Wines                              
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