Pies Plus Cafe

611 12445 Lake Fraser Drive SE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2J 7A4
Map and Directions

Phone: 403-271-6616

Community: Lake Bonavista
Mall: Avenida Village
Hours of Operation: Tuesday to Saturday 8:00am to 6:00pm

Pies Plus Cafe (Only accepts Cash & Personal Cheques)

Pies Plus Cafe has been in operation for over two decades. The first location was in Bragg Creek shoping centre. From there, Jeff Cousineau expanded the business to Avenida Village, which is the only location still in operation. He also opened a location in Okotoks, but unfortunate circumstances caused the closing of that location. Now, the Avenida location has recently changed ownership, and Jeff's son, Patrick Cousineau has taken the helm. To the delight of many repeat customers, the business is staying very much the same and in the family. As one customer said, "I was so worried that it (Pies Plus) was going to change and that I was going to have to find another place to go, but there isn't another place quite like this out there".

Pies Plus offers a lighter fare, sit down lunch serving high quality food at a fast food pace. But get there early, because it does tend to fill up quite quickly at the noon time crunch. All menu items are aslo available for take. A sample of the menu items are:
Soup of the day
Quiche (Ham, Zucchini & Tomato, Shrimp & Crab, Mushroom, Broccoli & Cauliflower)
Pot Pies (Chicken, Beef, & Steak & Kidney)
Beef Stew
Fruit Salad
Muffins, Cookies & Tarts
Caesar Salad
Sandwiches (Chicken salad, Veggie, Ham & Swiss)
Hot Coffees, Pop and Juice's
And the famous made from scratch pie's, for slicing or take the whole thing with you!
  A variety of frozen take out items are available as well.

Pies Plus' claim to faim is the apple pie, made from scratch just like Grandma on the farm used to make it. Heaped with fresh peeled granny smith apples, and topped with a flaky hand rolled crust, it doesn't get any closer than this. As Hearald reporter Cathy Richardier said "These pies are to die for". Resturaunt critic John Gilchrist has listed Pies Plus in his book "My favorite resturaunts in Calgary" for the past six years, as long as the book has been published.

Pies Plus also offers some seasonal delights, depending on the season that is. Spring offers the to die for Dream Cream pie, Iced cappuccino, home made Iced tea, and Iced lemonade, made from real squeezed lemon juice.
Coming up...
Stanley Cup Pie
Stampeder Pie
August features fresh peach pie direct from the Okanagan Valley!

One key feature about Pies Plus that anyone who has been there will know, is that they do not use any canned pie fillings, or artifical products. All pies are made from whole fruit and berries, and cream pies, soups etc. are made from base ingredients, flour, sugar, and so on. For those looking to eat healthy, or for those who just want plain old good food, Pies Plus will not dissapoint. But to really see what it is all about, it takes a trip there in person to fully appreciate the marvel of two decades worth of pie making perfection.

Some Pies Plus True Stories
Pies Plus pies have made the journey overseas to England
They have gone to Texas, and had customers come back for more!
Once, Jeff had a pie flown to a friend in Toronto, and he got it still slightly oven warm!
Pies Plus has provided pies to the many western movies that are filmed in the Longview area, the most recent being "Open Range" with Kevin Kostner and Robert Duvall both enjoying Pies Plus pies.

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