5600 Centre Street NE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2K 0T3
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Phone: 403-274-6840

  The Community of Thorncliffe  located in the Northwest/Northeast Quadrants of Calgary,      
  Alberta, Canada is  within 20 minutes of downtown and 10 minutes from Calgary        
  International Airport.                        
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  Food and Beverage   Health & Wellness       City of Calgary        
  7-Eleven Food Store     Alberta Health Services - Hospitals and Care Centers   Calgary Public Library        
  7-Eleven Food Store     Apaize Therapeutic Massage       Calgary Transit        
  A & W       Centre Street Veterinary Clinic       Community and Neighborhood Services   
  BK Liquor Store     McD's Clinic Of Massage Therapy     Parks and Recreation - Arenas, Fitness & Aquatics  
  Chocolate Choices     Medicine Shoppe         Police Services        
  Denny's Restaurant                            
  Golden Acre Deli                            
  Half-Time Sports Bar & Grill   Churches         Surrounding Communities    
  Javahut       Calgary Word of Faith Church       North - Huntington Hills
  Joey's Only Seafood Restaurant   Church of Jesus Christ of the Ladder Day Saints   West - North Haven        
  KFC       Good Shepherd Church       South - Greenview        
  Kidder's Pub & Pizzeria   Thorncliffe Baptist Church       South - Highland Park      
  King's Liquor Store     Westbourne Baptist Church       South - Highwood        
  Mr. Sub                   East - Greenview Industrial      
  Rascals Pet Supplies                          
  Thorncliffe Liquor     Entertainment                    
  Tim Horton Donuts     Mike's Family Billiards and Arcade                
  Tops Pizza & Steak House   Peoples Choice Video                  
  Trimming Fresh Meat                            
  Twin Variety & Food Store                          
  Venice House                            
  Vlasis Pizza Restaurant                          
  Wingnuts Bar & Grill                            
  Wokaway Chinese Kitchen                          
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